Creative Inspiration: well maybe not but thanks for the laugh Shopee

20th August 2019

We normally reserve the Creative Inspiration series for profiling creative or campaigns that inspire, or great Storytelling that really hits the mark.

Today’s post, maybe not so much. In fact, this may just be one of the worst ad’s I have ever seen. Who would have thought you could make a bad ad featuring footballers, but they have pulled it off.

But why don’t you be the judge.

This pretty much breaks all the rules for great brand storytelling. The football context is off message for the brand which is an e-commerce app. The production looks fake with a poorly executed green screen filming option. They must have paid a packet to get Cristiano Ronaldo to do this ad so they could have got so much more bang for their buck doing something more creative and aligned with the brand. At least get the production budget and talent cost a bit more in context. And most of all, it did get people talking but unfortunately, social media blew up with a lot of negative feedback.

So we are simply sharing this as a great example of what not to do and proof that spending a load of money does not replace great creativity because not even one of the best footballers in the world could make this script work.