Creative Inspiration: UNHCR kick off 2019 with #StepWithRefugees

9th July 2019

UNHCR kick off 2019 with #StepWithRefugees fitness app campaign

Besides being for a good cause, we really like the social element behind this great campaign idea. Get fit, tell others you are doing it and also show your support for a worthy cause. That is a powerful combination of natural social user behaviors, that was just obviously always going to work.

The UN refugee agency has launched a new multichannel campaign to encourage people to ‘step with refugees’ through the organisation’s new fitness initiative.

The purpose of the campaign is to highlight the often huge distances refugees have to travel to avoid violence and persecution and encourages people to collectively walk, jog or run two billion kilometres in solidarity with those less fortunate.

Once individuals have registered on UNCHCR’s dedicated microsite they have the option of manually uploading their progress or syncing their FitBit or Strava which will automatically upload their number of steps onto the running-total style homepage of the site. That little stroke of genius just aligned the campaign with two significant communities.

Then why not throw in an element of influence to really drive it. UNHCR also recruited its goodwill ambassador, Ben Stiller, for the campaign.

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