Creative Inspiration: The Last Day is about ultimate freedom

30th May 2019

I just loved this really clever story from BMW to reveal the sheer inspiration and sense of freedom that comes with their new i8 Roadster. Yes I love the car, but most of all, I really appreciate the creativity behind this great content play that really delivers on the true art of brand storytelling. Be sure to keep watching it and just wait for the twist.

It’s the last day as CEO of Mercedes Benz and the long deserved retirement of Dieter Zetsche lies ahead. To the applause of numerous employees, he takes off his company ID, says his goodbyes and leaves the company for the very last time. This could all be a very sad day, except for the one thing waiting at home. The one thing he couldn’t enjoy until now.

What a great way to pay tribute to your competition and the inspiration that has come from being pushed by your greatest rival, but with a very cheeky twist. The essence of the story is to complement the spirit of competition and the way you openly embrace it, and then demonstrate how you have thrived in the light of that competition with the ultimate expression of style and creativity demonstrated through current product evolution.

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