Creative Inspiration: The best kind of happy hour by Carlsberg

9th July 2019

Using humor and a personality to create some buzz

It is not surprising that alcohol brands go out of their way to be entertaining and often humorous, with their content and advertising. Let’s face it, having a laugh and having a drink go hand in hand, so there is no value in being boring when you want to make a connection to your product in this category.

So this clever series from Carlsberg seems like a natural connection between concept/strategy and the product and mindset of the consumer. Using Comedian Joe Wilkinson, Carlsberg have told a UK audience why Denmark is the happiest nation on the planet with a series of explanations about what “Happy Hour” is really all about.

You have to appreciate the British sense of humour, but assuming you get the point, they have delivered a clever series of stories that relate an intangible of the product with the simple act of finding that happy moment in every day. The true purpose of Happy Hour for many beer drinkers.

Check them out for inspiration:

In terms of putting this campaign together, yes they have obviously used a personality to foster engagement and add credibility. But otherwise, they have done simple sets, used one camera and one camera angle, and kept the shoot really easy and basic. Every element could be pulled off by a small brand, and you could even use a comedian that is not recognized or a non-professional actor if you had to do it on a really tight budget. The goal is just to create talkability.

Are you setting your content aspirations too low and could you take it to the next level for your next campaign to create some buzz? Try pushing the boundaries and move beyond your normal content format to build an audience and generate better conversion.