Creative Inspiration: Shake your hindquarters for

26th August 2019

So it is a well-known statement when it comes to filming video or any creative shoot in general – “never work with animals or kids”. But in this case we agree it seemed appropriate to make an exception. Firstly because when you are launching a new online pet store, you probably need to incorporate animals to deliver the message and make a connection with your customers. But more importantly, because the creative outcome is just so cute.

We really enjoyed both the message and delivery in this pitch to get the attention of pet owners for a new online pet store – We also really admired the effort these guys put into their launch messaging as this video was produced to get attention and connect with potential customers and help launch the brand. Which proves that it is never too early to start producing great video content that will connect with your customers.

It obviously appeals to pet lovers as they have dropped a catchy track on top of a range of footage of dogs doing what they do best, looking cute via all their mannerisms and quirky behavior. Exactly what pet lovers love as they imagine their best friends have all these quirky human characteristics. It also plays nicely to the fact that nothing makes the internet buzz like cats and dogs doing funny things. Well played guys!

This does look like it was produced with custom shot footage, but it did not need to be and you could have done something very effective with stock footage. All it really requires is some creative judgment, careful selection, sound video editing skills but nothing that could not have been done in final cut pro, and you would have a very clever campaign worthy of any big creative agency.


The key is to know your audience and take it to the creative concept

The two keys are knowing your audience and what will get them excited, and a bit of creative flair, and you would have yourself a content play that will outperform any static image. We can’t all work with cats and dogs to lift the interest level as easily as this brand can, but we can find the clever or appealing element in our product or service that will resonate with our customers. You just have to shake it up a bit!