Creative Inspiration: Russian Airline S7 inspires people to travel more

We have combed the world for today’s installment of Creative Inspiration from MetigyIQ.

Unless you are an avid watcher of Russian Television (no we aren’t either) then you would have missed this clever concept from S7 Airlines #makephotoscometrue and a Moscow Agency called Stereotactic which does some very inventive work.

The basic creative premise is a bit anti-social media, but we are OK with that. It simply takes the line that you can’t experience the world via Instagram and you can’t say you have seen the world because you have shared some photos of you doing things. The campaign criticizes society’s digital obsessions and addiction while a voiceover artist comments about how the world has now become a place where you “like places you’ve never been to, follow people you’ve never met”. Actually, you just have to experience it if you want to be true to yourself. Or at least that is how our rough Russian translation played out for us.

What MetigyIQ thought was really effective about it is that it connects with the essence of travel, which is a pure human emotion of discovery and seeing the world through your own eyes is a natural connection for all travelers. It is a very emotive way to bring an airline brand to life. And, actually, a very solid reason for some fantastic footage and stunning visuals, that made us just want to go and jump on a plane and see the world a bit more.

Bring some drama to your campaign

Bring some drama to your campaign

Maybe they shot the footage custom, or perhaps they just combed stock libraries for some of the best footage they could find. Either way, the result is visually stunning and quite dramatic. The question for you is how could you bring some of this visual drama to the centerpiece of your next campaign, which is equally valid whether you are selling travel or just something simple like coffee. Content that does not play to our emotion or appeal to something core that drives us to take action, is amusing entertainment at best and unnoticed at worst.