Creative Inspiration: It’s a Lego Party in the sky with Turkish Airlines

9th July 2019

Is it a bird? is it a plane? No it’s Super content!

While this may not strictly have been created as social content or even an advertising campaign, we love the creativity as it shows just how much you can stretch the definition of “telling your Story” through creativity. Who would have thought a safety video would be content customers would want to talk about or 20 million+ people would want to watch on Youtube, but the clever folks at Turkish Airlines have proven you can make that happen. All you need is some help from Lego Batman!

Yes for sure, it would have taken some budget to make this happen, but instead of just spending money on a compliance function to save their cabin crew from saying the same thing over and over again, the communications team have turned it into something customers not only enjoyed but wanted to talk about. And it appears to have done a fantastic job well beyond the main purpose.

Our challenge to you is to think about how you can shift simple tasks and communications requirements, into shareable content that starts conversations. Humour works for sure, but there are many ways to create multiple purposes for all the content your business creates.

If you want some inspiration, then turn off your batphone and watch the in-flight crew who will show you in a Flash just what it takes to make the mundane – FUN!