Creative Inspiration: Be in your mate’s Corner

28th May 2019

From our Creative Inspiration series, the MetigyIQ team have selected this clever little series of short films #inyourcorner, shot very simply but effectively, and telling stories aimed at shifting attitudes towards Mental Health.

Time to Change UK with help from O&M London have kicked off a five-year campaign aimed at shifting attitudes toward mental health throughout England with the debut film ‘In your mate’s corner’. Since being appointed by Time to Change in September, O&M have set out to create a positive step-change in the way mental health is seen & spoken about across the country.

The new campaign is urging men to recognize how their attitudes and behaviors can influence others’ experiences of mental health problems – & that being in a friend’s corner can make all the difference.

The script is clever but not complex, the location is very accessible and budget-friendly, the casting minimal and the filming which clearly benefits from a professional film crew involvement, could have been executed by novice content makers. So in short, most brands could execute content programs like this and to this standard.

We also really appreciated this is a five-year program with a vision to make an incremental change because sometimes big challenges have to be done one step at a time and with determination and commitment to the end goal. It is admirable when an organization has the commitment to see beyond the quick term fix and stay the course for a big objective.


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