Creating Content 101: How to improve declining social media engagement

Jun 10, 2022

Organic reach is declining on most social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin which is the norm these days. That also means your engagement is suffering too.

Unfortunately, engagement is extremely important for converting your followers to customers or clients.
Find out how you can improve your declining engagement and more on this episode of This Week in Marketing.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why just scheduling content isn’t enough
  • The 3 proven ways to increase your engagement
  • Tools to use
  • The benefits of social engagement
  • And much more

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How to improve your declining social media engagement

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Daren (00:04):

Organic reach is declining on most social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, et cetera and that’s becoming the norm these days. That also means your engagement is probably suffering too. Unfortunately, engagement is extremely important in converting all of your followers into actual customers and clients. Find out how you can improve your declining engagement on social media, on this episode…

Speaker 2 (00:27):

On This Week In Marketing.

Daren (00:31):

Hey everyone, I’m Daren Lake and welcome to this week in marketing. Another podcast by Metigy. Each episode, we answer questions or talk about one specific idea, to help you market and operate your small to medium enterprise better. And we do that by making them easy to digest, short, and concise, because we’ve all got a business to run.

Daren (00:53):

In this four part series about content, we’ll walk you through how to create better content and engage more with your followers. I’ll be joined by Metigy’s own content coordinator, Joyce Cabanilla. Joyce possesses the magical ability to pair analytics with online relationships and behaviors. She has worked for over five years as a marketing sales consultant and content curator in the fashion, travel, and arts industries. All of this allows her to better understand and create educationally entertaining content for her clients and customers.

Daren (01:24):

All right, so this episode is all about fixing your declining social media engagement and let’s just jump into what you’ll actually learn in this episode. Why just scheduling content isn’t enough, the three proven ways to increase your engagement, actual tools that you can use, the benefits of social engagement and much more. Let’s get into the combo with Joyce and me. All right, this is a big problem in the marketing and small business area, your social media engagement is declining. What do we do about that? How do we fix it?

Joyce (01:59):

So there are three points that you can do to increase your engagement with people online. So the first point, is to find a way to get an engagement or to find a way to have a response from them. Something that’s engaging, awesome questions, create high quality content, like videos that would usually stop them from scrolling through their phones. And for the third one, just find something that’s completely interactive. Something that’s fun, something that doesn’t seem too formal and is just a way for them to feel comfortable enough to reach out and voice it out their own opinions.

Daren (02:40):

All right, great. I’m going to jump in and get a bit deeper in the weeds on that. That was really good.

Daren (02:44):

So on the first one, connection, getting a response from them. That’s similar to the last one, which is interacting, but you want to invoke, evoke an emotion out of them so that they go, “Oh, cool.” Obviously if they stop and watch it is great, they double tap it or whatever they’re doing, they like, is great. They comment, they share, you want them to do all that. But the content at the core, we can kind of go to the fundamentals of this. The content at the core needs to resonate to your audience, for whatever your objective is, for whatever your industry is. So I’ll take the example of my brand DLake Creates, which is a running, endurance sport, cycling, lifting weights type of brand and obviously I am fortunate enough to have action based things that happen. So me running, I’ve got a cool action cameras that get my feet running and the scenery, and I can get cool flying shots and stuff.

Daren (03:34):

So that immediately will get a connection because the content is something that people want to see. I could easily post about me being annoyed that there was a bird chirping outside of my house, which is a silly thing to be annoyed at. But that’s not really the content that people would want. And then to the second point, the visuals, this is where you get people to be engaged in it. And obviously running people want to see runners, so they want to see me doing my workouts. I try to get different angles, I got cool cameras that can do that now. If you just have a phone, a smartphone with a decent camera, go outside and film your stuff. Obviously I’m a run brand, so we have… Fortunately we can go outside, but you might have to get creative if you’re a marketing brand or a small business where what you’re doing might not be quote unquote exciting, but you have to think a bit outside of the box.

Daren (04:25):

You can work with consultants around that, people that can ideate how to get that type of content that really gets people to stop and watch it. And then the third point is interactivity and I know we were talking about this earlier, but if you’re using Instagram, which is a big platform I use, because it’s a very visual platform. You can use stickers and those are what are the sticker?

Joyce (04:45):

Yeah, so there are a few things on stickers that you can use for your Instagram audience. One of them is pulse, you can ask them a question and then they can pick one out of two options. And that can also give you an understanding on what type of content they would like or their preferences to whatever you’re working on in the future for your business. So that’s pulse, you have multiple choice on there.

Daren (05:09):


Joyce (05:09):

Yeah, you have questions that you can ask them.

Daren (05:12):

Cutesy GIFS.

Joyce (05:13):

Cutesy GIFs, they have music on there. Make use of that as well, because if you have good beats on there, it’s most likely that they would enjoy it a little bit and bop a little while they’re scrolling through.

Daren (05:23):

What about LinkedIn? I’m going to jump in because a lot of people probably on LinkedIn, that’s a good place where they can get leads and network and connect via quote unquote social media. So does LinkedIn have stickers and all that?

Joyce (05:34):

Yeah, LinkedIn does have stickers and GIFs. And then if you are more on a corporate or more of a formal small business, LinkedIn would be an ideal place to engage with your company’s followers. You have polls on there, you can ask them questions, find something that would be engaging enough for them to stop and pull out their own ideas to share with you. Because once you start a conversation, there’s going to be a lot of inspiring ideas and dot points that you can pull out from it and roll them through for your next ideation period and content. So, it’s really important to use those polls and use all of those engagement features, that all of your social media platforms have.

Daren (06:15):

Great. Thank you very much.

Daren (06:18):

From Metigy, you’ve listened to this week in marketing. Again, I’m Daren and Metigy hopes we helped you find more insights and tips into your business. To find out more about Metigy and get a listener exclusive three month free trial, visit us at And while you’re there, go and check out some more episodes. If you like what you heard, please share a link to another business owner or marketer, who you think could get something from this. Also, to help us out, it would be great if you left a five star review on your favorite podcast app. Last, never miss another episode by following or subscribing to us on your favorite podcast player. See ya on the next episode.

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