Cheat sheet: Facebook pages and starting on the right foot

7th May 2021

So you’ve reached the stage of setting up or even updating your the Facebook Page for your business. That’s great! Let’s make sure you get off on the right foot by setting it up correctly.

What does that mean? It’s one thing to go in and set up the basics. That means you’re there and you can drive people there! Great! But, what you really want to do is make sure that those visitors get what they came for out of your page and convert to customers and/or fans.

There’s also the factor of discoverability and clickability. Those sound like awful marketing terms but they are exactly what they say. Discoverability is encouraging people to find your page on Facebook through search, virality, etc. And Clickability is persuading the people that found you in those place to actually click through.

Seems so obvious, but it’s something that is so often undervalued. Let’s dive in and start setting your page up.

Creating a Facebook Page

This step assumes you are creating a new page as you don’t have one yet. If you did then you can jump to Adding Basic Information.

First off go to the Create Facebook Page page. You’re presented with two options:

Create Facebook Page Choose from Business or Community

In most cases, you would choose the Business or Brand option. Community or public figure will give you different options. Side note: We will talk about creating a Facebook community as part of your brand page.

The next step will ask you to name your page. Make it meaningful and about your brand. E.g. Your brand name. There are opportunities to cash in here on some additional SEO but it really needs to be part of your brand. e.g. For Metigy, it could be “Metigy AI Driven Marketing Results”. But, this is a bit of a risky strategy as it risks alienating those that are looking for you – and there’s plenty more chance later on. That’s why we don’t do it.

After the title comes choosing a category – don’t worry, you can fine tune this at any time. Start by typing the beginning of the category you think you are in. As soon as you type, Facebook will make suggestions. The category you choose should reflect what you want to be found for. So far we are technically a software company currently, but we could also be classified as Internet marketing service. Thankfully, you can choose more than one category!

Finally, it asks for your business address. This is important and Facebook makes it mandatory as it will be used for validating you are a legitimate business.

Now click Get Started

Adding Basic Information

Cover art for your Facebook Page

First up, you need to add your logo and Background image. In the next section, I’ll give you some tips on making your images more appealing. To change your logo, simply click on the camera icon in the lower right corner of the sample image (or your existing image). The minimum size is 170px X 170px. Remember it will scale

For the background image, mouse over the area and click the Change Cover button in the top left of the image that appears when you mouse over the image. This image should be optimized for both desktop and mobile. It needs to be 820px(w) x 360px(h). Make sure your image is impactful and on brand, on the basis that the plan from here is to make sure a lot of customers see this.

You can find more information on Facebook help article about the image dimensions.

Basic Page Information

This is the most obvious step. First, you’ll need to go to your page’s basic settings. The easiest way to get to it is to go to the About section of your new Facebook Page and click Edit Page Info which you’ll find in the top right of that page just below the header:

Edit Facebook Page information

Edit Facebook Page information

Our goal here is to complete the profile on your Facebook Page as much as possible. As Facebook says in their own tips article, The settings available are:

  • General business information
    • Category – We discussed this when adding a page. Make sure you use as many as are appropriate to your business
    • Name – you can change this if you need to but really, it should be fixed
    • Username – Again, you can change this but shouldn’t need to unless you rebrand or did it wrong originally
  • Contact details – You should enter as much as you are comfortable to add. And here are some tips:
    • If you have a public phone number, make sure to add it as it builds user trust
    • Add your website and any public email address you don’t mind sharing
    • Include tour social media profiles with the full URL to the page
    • Instagram is the exception where you only need your username
  • More Info
    • Obviously, the about section is important, but I’ll talk more about this in the next section
    • Any of that information you have should be are to add it in, including founding date, overview, etc. Some like Impressum are very market specific
    • If you have products, you should add your major ones
    • Same goes for awards
    • The privacy policy is something that Facebook values, especially given the recent privacy scandal. So make sure you add that.
    • And lastly the category. There’s no harm revisiting this as your business changes, and remember that you can add up to 3 categories for your page
  • Your Story is something that again reassures users, and makes you seem more friendly and human. And, above all is another great piece of discoverability material. I’ll touch on this more in the next section.
  • Team Members lets people know that you are – hopefully – real and not just a page that someone set up as an idea

Hopefully, reading that list, you can see that the more you put in, the more Facebook values your page and it’s information.

Making your Facebook page Discoverable and Clickable

As I said in the intro, these are two critical parts of your strategy for getting your page found. In the SEO world, it’s the optimization of your page to help you appear in searches. And the second is once you appear, encouraging users to click on your link rather than others. You can imagine the science that goes into this, so I will touch on a couple of pieces to help you get started. And we will cover this topic in more detail in future articles.


As I touched on before, this is to do with how visible and how highly ranked your page is. Now the second of those is something that comes with having a bigger, more engaged fan base. Obviously with the exception of if a user types in the exact name of your page.

When it comes to discoverability, you need to do some homework and figure out what to optimize for. I’m going to tell you a tip to find some of the phrases people search for.

So first up, you know your brand and your products or services the best. So, what I want you to do is write does the first 3 or 4 words the spring to mind. For Metigy, I’ll say Marketing, Social and Small Business.

Now, on Facebook – and this tip works for Google and YouTube too – type the first work. You should get some auto-complete suggestions like this:

Facebook auto-complete SEO tip

Facebook auto-complete SEO tip

That has just told us the top searches beginning with the word, for free! How good is that!? Looking through that list, some of it is useful to use, and some a bit more niche. Digital is a standout there as is marketing goodness, marketing Australia and marketing research. Let’s explore a bit further and try digital:

Exploring Facebook Auto-complete suggestions

Exploring Facebook Auto-complete suggestions

That’s more like it! Digital Marketing is definitely something we should home in on for our SEO, so let’s note that. And if we explore Digitial Marketing further, we start to see a few more words we should optimize for including insights.

Now we need to start thinking about our description using what we just found. Now, one thing to note is that you don’t specifically have to use all of those together. Some would have a benefit, but others can be a long tail word. So, a short example might be:

Metigy is a Digital Marketing tool built on AI to give you real-time, valuable Insights and actions.

In that sentence, I have used the major Digital Marketing together, but included Insights as a long-tail example. That has benefit in search algorithms for all of those works.


This is how your page appears in the search results. You need to entice the user to click on your page rather than others, especial if you are in a crowded space.

So, for example, you want your LOGO to really stand out. How can you make it bold and speak visually to the person that has discovered it? Perhaps use a variation of your logo. An example is the various Coca-Cola pages on Facebook:

Coca-Cola Facebook Search Results

Coca-Cola Facebook Search Results

In that example, it’s the same brand but the Brazilian one really stands out as the most unique and eye-catching.

Next up comes the description. Again, looking to the search results for Coca-Cola, look at the first and second results. The first one instantly sounds more appealing! Who wouldn’t want to visit the “Happiest Facebook page on, um, Facebook”?

You start to see how that can draw the user in by making your page more appealing. So think how you can combine the discoverability with the clickability of your page.

So What next?

Now it’s time to launch your page. First, we’d recommend adding a couple of posts to your page. We recommend using Metigy to start the process of managing your page effectively.

You can read all about the benefits and features and create an account on the website.

We hope you enjoyed this article and look forward to joining you on your Businesses Social Media journey!