Case Study: Mortgage Choice takes control over its social media

3rd May 2022

Social media is a must-have for small businesses, however not all businesses have the time or resources to manage their accounts like bigger organisations, so they turn to software solutions to help them schedule and post their content.

Patrick Johnson, loan consultant at Mortgage Choice said the business implemented Metigy, a digital marketing solution to help them take control of its social media and marketing:

“What we have struggled with, and what Metigy has helped mitigate is, especially in this type of market is time management is a massive thing. Often marketing and advertising gets on the back burner because you’ve already got so many leads coming in, we want a way to automate that marketing,” he said.

Johnson explained having this solution in place means they have one less thing to worry about.

“You can set up a calendar of posts across different social media platforms, we have LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. It’s a full-time job thinking of content and how to post it and how to reach clients. That was the biggest problem we faced as a business is how do we distribute this content effectively, and consistently,” he said.

“Before that, it was more running a Facebook page making Facebook posts, and you’d get a couple of likes on them. It would be good and anecdotal marketing, it was quite effective in a small space, but it wasn’t consistent and it wasn’t broad enough.”

Metigy gives Johnson and the team at Mortgage Choice a breakdown of their posts and how far they reached on the site.

“It’s just a weight off your mind as business owners and working in the franchise itself to have that sort of support or comfort is, is quite good,” he said.

With this free time, Johnson is focusing on personal brand building.

“The amount of time it’s saved me personally, being a new broker trying to establish my own brand. For example, I’ve recently started a LinkedIn page and it’s been so beneficial to me to have those posts because the LinkedIn algorithm works off how often you post, what you post and where it reaches,” he said.

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