Case Study: How L&A Social uses Metigy to manage their large clientele

1st December 2021

L&A Social is a leading strategic and creative social media agency based in Sydney. The heart of its business offering is driving social media engagement and innovation for some of the worlds’ leading brands. 

It’s a competitive landscape, so L&A Social is always looking for an edge to help grow the social media presence of its clients. 

Using Metigy as a social media marketing tool

Over the past four years, L&A Social has relied on Metigy to plan, create, execute and measure the social content across several social platforms. The adoption of Metigy’s platform has allowed the business to reduce the hours spent on menial tasks like scheduling.

As an agency, L&A Social is structured around retainers, which dictate the number of hours allocated to work on each client. Time management is crucial to its bottom line. 

Jonathan Forage, operations officer for L&A Social has been impressed with how much time is saved using the platform. 

“The speed and ease with which Metigy’s solution has allowed us to work has been the biggest surprise to us. Since starting to work with Metigy, we’ve been able to streamline our agency workflows significantly. The platform has allowed us to automate a lot of previously manual tasks, manage a large roster of leading clients in one place and provide a smooth client experience as we go through the content creation process”, says Forage.

How much time does Metigy save?

Forage happily boasts, “Before we partnered with Metigy, we used to spend hundreds of hours across the agency pulling analytics and insights reporting manually. The ability for us to quickly access these insights, including insights that aren’t easy to come by and present them to clients in a clear, visual and understandable format has been huge”.

The time saved has had a direct impact on the quality of work produced by the agency, and its operations. Forage points out, reducing the time spent on manual tasks gives the agency an edge over its competitors, reinvesting that time into driving better results for its clients. 

“As an agency, it allows us to spend more time creating incredible client experiences and taking the insights and using them to inform our best-practice social media work.” 

“It’s been incredible to direct more of our focus on strategic thinking, monitoring best-practice trends and acting on the insights that Metigy generates, instead of updating spreadsheets, manually sharing creative files and trying to align with clients,” states Forage. 

Jonathan’s main takeaway:

Metigy allows you to automate the content creation, planning, execution and measurement across multiple channels at once. This rescues the time spent manually carrying out these tasks and allows you to reinvest that time into growing your business, or your clients’ businesses. Learn more about how it can assist your business here.

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