Always go native with Facebook video

7th May 2021

Whether you are new to video marketing or a veteran, Metigy wanted to answer a very important question in a current context.

“If I am posting video content to Facebook, should I post it natively or can I just repost using a link from another platform?”

Note: Native means to post the file directly to Facebook, rather than using a link from another site such as YouTube that is already hosting your video file.

Most people ask this question because it is obviously easier to post it once and then share it across other channels, and many think that YouTube is the place to go to post a video. At Metigy, we love YouTube, but we felt we had to give you the Insight that this is the easy option, but not the best.

Since Facebook first introduced video, it has been changing the algorithm it uses to determine how many of your fans see your video. At first, it was fairly generic and did not penalize you for posting a link, but it did not take FB long to realize they wanted more video content on their platform, given the massive shift towards people engaging with video over image-based content. So they quickly adapted their algorithm to promote content deployed natively.

Native video on Facebook still enjoys 190% greater engagement

Our current analysis shows this has not changed, with native video across the Metigy customer base, enjoying a 190% better engagement rate over video content posted from another channel. We also noted that it is getting shared at significantly higher rates, often as high as 10x on link-based content. Clearly, that is not because of the content quality, but simply how much Facebook is giving preferential treatment to natively deployed video content and ensuring your audience is seeing it more.

Metigy analyzed results across our customer base and can confirm that Native video on Facebook is shared 10x over linked video because Facebook gives it preferential delivery rates and greater reach

So the simple answer is you should absolutely be deploying Facebook video this way, which you can, of course do, using Metigy. The good news is we have YouTube posting in the works, so this means will be able to create and deploy video content to both destinations natively, in one action. Just another way we are saving you time and maximizing your reach and conversion.

Stay tuned for our other data based Insights focusing on contemporary best practice.