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27th April 2022

We have hit 50 podcast episodes! 

There’s nothing quite like hearing a story told by the person who experienced it, right? That’s why we love to make podcasts. They’re a fun way to hear advice and ideas from people who have navigated through all of the challenges of growing a business from the ground up.

That’s exactly why we created Metigy’s podcast – to give you access to the best ideas in marketing and e-commerce, straight from the people who have done it before, and in a sensory- immersive way.

Since 2019, Metigy’s “Forward Thinking” has become an award-winning small to medium enterprise marketing podcast that has spilled high-value tips and tricks from market-leading business professionals. 

So far, we’ve covered everything from marketing analytics to email marketing and of course, our own software platform, so if you’re looking for ways to expand your brand, or just want some new marketing advice straight from the professional source, listen to some of our podcast highlights:

Championing marketing on social media platforms

Learn from the masters of social media and the practices they used to grow their audience across all social media platforms:

LinkedIn: Gain 14 million views in 12 months

Metigy’s employee #4, Brendan Hill, spoke with Sally Illingworth about growing your network on Linkedin and gaining mass exposure. We’re talking millions in engagement counts. In this episode, she teaches you how to create 14 million views within 12 months.

Furthermore, when you’re capturing a potential connection and interacting with them, what small tweaks can you make to ensure a better relationship with them? Here’s Sam Mutiner’s advice on her episode; “Why your network is your networth”

Facebook groups: Creating an exclusive yet open conversation with your customers

Are you interacting with your customers often? Besides interacting with them for promotional, customer support or research purposes, organic discussions can be built in a safe and exclusive environment where you can gain inspiration and ideas from the people who matter most. Listen and learn from Valeria’s experience as she leverages Facebook groups to gain organic and genuine insight.

Marketing strategy

What are some easy yet effective marketing tools you can use for your business? Whichever stage of growth that your business is in; ideation stage, growth or maturing stage, our Forward Thinking Podcast has something for everyone. 

Growing to $100m under 4 months

Anna Cheng managed to grow up to $100m in funds under management in 4 months by using pirate metrics, pre launching tactics, and by improving her customer’s activation and onboarding experiences. Learn how she applied them in her episode:

How to build your physical product from the ground up

From a business idea in University of New South Wales, Yellowbox co founders (and students at the time), Ho Jun Tang and Vanessa Zhao took the practical approach to building their smart-locker app from the ground up. From testing their product at a club and cross-collaborating with the relevant local councils, they were able to establish and push their operations internationally. Learn how Yellowbox leveraged their environment here:

Cost-effective growth marketing strategies

As Daniel Lohrmann from ikaros says, “You need to distinguish between really low impact experiments and the impacts that have the chance to revolutionize your business.” 

So how do you know what tactics are most cost-efficient and effective at the same time? With over 13 lessons on data driven insights, frameworks and choosing the right KPIs, this episode is worth a listen:

E-commerce and email marketing

With the help of 2020’s lockdown of stores worldwide, the importance of standing out as an ecommerce business has never been more important. Online ecommerce leaders like Amazon Australia have topped 1 billion in sales during the start of the pandemic, indicating how important the online space is now. But how do you stand out?

The shift of ecommerce business strategies

Creative director of Process Creative, Andy Homan, passionately explains the shifts of marketing strategies within the e-business industry while giving you free slides to download and learn from too. Mold yourself outside the cookie cutter solutions with his episode here:

Building your ecommerce business inevitably goes hand in hand with your email marketing. After all, it’s one of the best ways to organically maintain regular visits to your website.

Building your email marketing

Did you know that it costs four times more to acquire a customer than to retain one? This is exactly why emailing your customers on a regular basis can become one of your best and cost-effective investments. 

One of the senior marketing directors of Campaign Monitor, Kalyn New, explains how you can start assessing your new email marketing strategy while giving out tips and tricks that facilitate a return of $38 for every $1 spent on email marketing.

Unique experiences and reviving your customers in your email marketing strategy

Pranav De Silva from The Thoughtful Agency builds upon Kalyn’s email growth strategy with ways to reactivate an inactive customer, identifying the email automation workflow, and the psychology behind email competitions and exclusive discounts.

AI integrated marketing

Artificial Intelligence and the evolution of machine learning has been the backbone of Metigy since its establishment in 2015. Take a step into the Metigy space and see what conversations have been happening with the CEO of Metigy, David Fairfull and the team. Discussions have involved questions like how does artificial intelligence leverage your creativity

And how can Metigy be compared with Elon Musk and outer space? Daren Lake, our audio manager, experiments with a candy-filled audio story with space themes for this episode.

These conversations are just the tip of the iceberg of lessons that Metigy’s Forward Thinking podcast has for you. Whether you’re just starting out with your side hustle or in the growth phase of your business, or simply in need of a refreshment of ideas for your next strategy, you will always find something here.

Evolving your learning experience with video podcasting

Myra Beal and Daren Lake

Metigy has been creating changes in their Metigy Learning section to keep up with the transforming podcast landscape. With more videos being incorporated into our most recent episodes, all existing and future listeners will gain an extra dimension for learning. Immerse yourself with a new learning experience today in the newest episodes of Metigy’s Forward Thinking Podcast.

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