5 basic marketing concepts that you should know about

5 basic marketing concepts that you should know about
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If you want to explore marketing concepts, you’ve landed in the right place. In this short guide to running an online business, we’re going to tell you what’s important about these examples of basic marketing concepts. If you’re interested in making money on digital platforms, this is the blog post for you.

Top five marketing concepts that you should know about

Top five marketing concepts that you should know about

Marketing should always provide value to your customers, clients and partners. And so if you want to be a successful marketer, you have to make sure you know about the five basic concepts:

Production concept

The production concept in marketing focuses on operations. It’s based on the assumption that your target customers are more interested in the readily available products in the market instead of less competing products. This concept is vital to know when you are marketing in an industry that is already experiencing tremendous growth. According to this concept, increasing production is going to increase the sales potential. 

Product concept

The product concept in marketing is entirely different from the production concept. This concept assumes that the availability of products has no role in the success of a business. Rather a business has to make sure that it provides quality and innovation. According to this concept, people today are more interested in innovation rather than in low-cost products. If you pursue this concept, you wouldn’t be able to attract and motivate the customers interested in the availability and price of the products.

Selling concept

The selling concept is entirely different from the previous two. This concept is centred on the idea that you have to convince customers to buy products or get services through hardcore marketing tactics. The benefits or quality of the product doesn’t matter in this type of marketing. You have to keep on advertising your brand to sell maximum products and services to customers. In this marketing concept, you have to invest more in advertising.

Marketing concept

This is the fourth concept that you can follow when starting and running an online business. You have to increase the ability of your company to beat the competition and achieve profits and a good position by using different techniques. These techniques would be catered in such a way they value customers and their needs. If you value the needs and interests of a customer, then you would be pursuing this concept.

Societal concept

This marketing concept, as the name tells us, focuses on the welfare of society. We would like you to know that this concept is based on the idea that conventional or digital marketers have a moral responsibility towards the people of society. According to this concept, you don’t have to focus on the sales goals of the company. Rather you have to cater to the interest of the local community with your products or through advertisements.

A quickstart guide to marketing an online business

A quickstart guide to marketing an online business

If you want to start an online business, you have to make sure that you follow some fundamental requirements, such as…

Choose a marketing concept

If you want to start an online business, you have to make sure you know about the concept you would be pursuing. Then, you have to plan your marketing strategy.

Name your online business

When starting an online business, you have to make sure you pick a name. The name of your business and the domain name of your website don’t have to be identical. But you have to make sure that both of these names are relevant to the niche you are working on or the product/service you’re providing.

Get a logo for the business

Creating a logo is important for a business as it helps you create an identity for yourself. A logo is the only thing that will help you set your brand apart from the competition. You can brief in logo redesigns or creation projects using Metigy’s in-app Creative Services.

Create unique content

The survival and success of an online business are dependent on the type of content you are adding to the site. The content you create for your website or business should be 100% unique. Using an online plagiarism checker tool like can help you ensure that your content is original and free of all sorts of plagiarism.

Visualize your website

People today are more interested in visual content than they are in the text. So for winning the attention and the interest of the audience, you have to ensure that you visualize your website with attractive images and visual graphics. You can read more about brands that are creating appealing content here:
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