2021 Review: Our favorite content posts from Metigy Learning

21st December 2021

Last year, so many of you believed in your capabilities and strengths to start and grow your businesses. So many in fact that according to Google, global search for “how to start a business” surpassed “how to get a job”. This result is HUGE! 

Self-sufficiency and small teams have slowly become the new reality. This change is why Metigy is working hard to increase its value for you to meet your marketing learning needs.  

We’ve expanded our resources with new partnerships and global insights in the US, Australia and Singapore. Additionally, the Metigy product team has been working hard to introduce new product features like our creative services, image editing tool and Instagram Publishing

Our learning program is a way of bringing you incredibly helpful how-to-guides, best practice tips and carefully curated resources for mastering your marketing in the growing digital landscape. 

With the growth of blogs and high-quality video content to the reintroduction of podcasts with world-class professionals, we’ve handpicked 10 of our favorite articles for you to absorb and learn from.

Here are our top 10 recommended posts of the year:

1. Why artificial intelligence is the foundation of creative growth in marketing

2. How to get the most out of your money on Google Ads

3. How Metigy and Elon Musk are disrupting the future of their industries

4. Content Marketing Metrics: How to test your content analytics

5. 5 things you can do with Metigy and Instagram Content Publishing

6. Social Media analytics: What is organic reach and how to increase yours

7. Choosing keywords for Google: How to find yours 

8. Learn how to track, measure and analyse your social media analytics

9. How to improve your declining social media engagement

10. Graphic design for your business: Should you build it, or buy it?

Throughout the year we always found it positive to receive feedback saying how useful our learning resources are. And these 10 articles are just a few of the lessons we have ready for you at Metigy Learning

Was there anything else that you’d like to learn in the New Year? Comment down below. We’re excited to bring you more in 2022.

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