Meet Your Omnichannel Marketing Plan

Get data-driven insights and build campaigns across networks to help you grow an active audience. Metigy’s Planning and Collaboration Calendar is designed to help teams and customers work together, and simply create once and publish everywhere!

Here’s the Best Way for Teams to Collaborate, Ever

Your content calendar is the hub of your marketing strategy. Organise all your tasks in one place and communicate easily across teams with an intuitive dashboard. 

Manage Multiple Brands (for Agencies and Bigger Teams)

Create multiple brand profiles, add team members, and invite clients to join the content pipeline. Stay in control of your accounts by setting user permissions and privileges. 

Build a Publishing Schedule You can be Proud of

Publish on social media channels directly from your Metigy calendar. Post across multiple platforms, get in front of customers and create a buzz around your business. 

Publishing Insights

Use data-driven insights to help you make key publishing decisions faster. 

Manage Your Ad Spend

Boost posts and keep up with your ad campaigns directly in your calendar. Set objectives and make your budget go further with proven marketing strategies. 

Preschedule Content

Schedule posts and ads in advance. Metigy links to social media networks so you can publish across multiple platforms from one central hub. 

Advanced Team Workflow

Work seamlessly together. Make communication errors a thing of the past with workflow management, filtered calendar views, 2-step content approvals, and built-in commenting functions. 

Team Collaboration

Invite your team to create and/or approve scheduled content. Share your marketing calendar and get tasks done.