Course Description

Sign up for free to our short course ‘Project G’, where we cover how to navigate the Google Ads ecosystem: What is it? Who uses it? And why it’s absolutely necessary for your small business.

It’s important to know if advertising with Google is right for you, and we have good news if you have no idea how to answer that question – you’re in the right place with Project G. There’s real power in Google Ads and for some people that power can be overwhelming, especially if you’re tight on time. That’s why Google partners with trusted apps like Metigy who can guide people through the complex digital marketing ecosystem and process.

We’ve worked closely with Google to, not only bring you Project G, but the Metigy Ads tool within our platform that helps you create campaigns with confidence, every step of the way.

Who is the course for?

This course is for beginners or people looking for a basic refresher on Google Ads. Get started today for free, and learn how you can master Google Ads to help grow your business.