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Why doesn’t your marketing technology recommend ideas?

30th August 2019

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Like the marketing technology you may well be using now to drive your social marketing program, the Metigy team was busy building a tool-set to automate content programming, activation creation, audience segmentation and conversion measurement, combined with a vast range of data collectors and dashboarding options, to support decision making.

Admittedly, we had been delivering complex social programs for large brands, so we thought we understood the real user needs better than most, and there was plenty of room for improvement. But we also realised that there was a much bigger opportunity, as there was a critical step missing in the support of the process, marketers go through, in determining the right approach to achieve great outcomes.

The technology was simplifying the data collection and execution processes, but the insight and strategy process was largely manual, expensive and often historical, to the point where great opportunities had already passed the marketer, strategist or community manager by. What if we could change all that by evolving the role technology plays in determining and delivering great insights and ideas, that could enhance customer engagement and deliver real business growth?

The Marketing Technology What If Question…

What if we could map patterns in data, and using Machine Learning, deliver Recommended Actions that would help users make the most of real-time opportunities, leveraging naturally trending conversation, to transcend the outcomes normally achieved in social marketing, by small teams. We call the missing element “Marketing Recommendation Technology (MRT)“, and I am pleased to say that we are not far from delivering on this ambitious objective.

Our objective is to make this an easy, effective and educational experience, for users at all skill levels, and in doing so, we plan to completely change the expectations of marketing professionals and novices alike. If we can deliver an effective, fun and engaging experience, based on practical executable, but most importantly results-oriented actions, then we will create an unrivalled leap in the application, in this fast-growing category.

MRT is the application of machine learning, and eventually, deep learning, to achieve the most significant step to date in the application of technology to the marketing process, the automation of analysis, strategy and insights. While this “creative” process remains deemed as intangible, marketing teams at all levels of scale, struggle to optimise their performance, relative to the potential opportunity.

MRT will progressively supplement or replace the reliance on this limited skill set, and in doing so, achieve the promise of truly evolving the MarTech category from being the domain of buzzwords like big data, personalisation and AI, to fulfil it’s real promise – helping users to transition easily from data to insights to actions.

The Metigy team is on track to deliver MRT in Q4 2016, but if you sign up now for our SMB product release, which provides free access, you will already be well on the way for making the most of our MRT product, as our Machine Learning engine needs a good 90 days of data to deliver the incredibly useful insights and actions, we know you are going to enjoy being inspired by every day.

Why not come and give Metigy a try today and see how effectively it can help you with your marketing strategy today.


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