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The Metigy Mission is to change the way you work

26th August 2019

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If you want to hit a big goal, then I learned a long time ago, that you have to take a different view, probably have the ability to see things differently to others, and be absolutely single-minded on achieving the objective. Success is always determined by both the perspective and the continuous persistence. With the right perspective and enough effort, it just seems easier.

If you are responsible for the marketing goals and objectives of your brand, then you may be interested to learn that our goal, is to totally change the way you work. Yes, we realise that is a big statement and goal, considering how much your job has changed in recent years. But the good and bad news, depending on how you see it, is that it is going to keep changing, and radically. While that implies more challenges, it is going to be easier to focus on the actions that really work. And no it won’t be a surprise to learn that the enabler for this are advances in technology.

What the Metigy Team set our minds to achieving two years ago, barely seemed practical. Two years later, and the incredible advances that have occurred in Artifical Intelligence being applied and refined to so many human tasks, and it is no longer a stretch for those who embrace technology, to comprehend that many of the significant but subtle elements in the creative and strategic processes in marketing, will not only be performed by AI, but even better than via sometimes flawed or limited human capability or capacity. Before you jump to the conclusion that I am suggesting robots replace humans, let me explain that the opportunity is to expand the skills and understanding of marketing practitioners via insights drawn from more data than you would ever care to analyse. And then to deliver that in a timeframe and an understandable context, no one has the capacity to achieve conventionally.

The Goal of Metigy is to deliver actionable insights, ideas and opportunities, in the form of recommendations that marketers of all levels of capability, can execute to improve their marketing outcomes 2x and 3x in a continuous cycle of learning, creating and implementing, and then doing it all again. While we do that we will inspire you, extend your skills and confidence, take the stress out of the marketing strategy process, and make it fun to try something new every day.

In a practical sense, we are analysing 25m+ sources of data daily and our AI is identifying opportunities and insights you can act on, that you may otherwise be missing. We are helping you understand how, when, where and why to take action, and we are even making the data understandable and applicable in how you choose to execute. We take the tedium out of that and free you up to have fun executing more ideas that will connect with your audience and turn them into customers.

So say no to our old social media marketing software, and forget working in an historical assumption based context, because machine learning is helping us make marketing decisions on trend and in real-time. It is the future of marketing and it is upon us now.

To get a glimpse of this and to appreciate how we are utilising AI to deliver real-time alerts and insights, be sure to check out our latest updates to the Metigy Recommendation Assistant (available as a standard feature now in all of our plans). At the pace we are realising our goal, you will be part of the set of early adopters who are continually improving their results, advancing their understanding and executing at speed.

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