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The Metigy Command Centre puts our AI powered Decision Support into action

26th August 2019

2 mins.

Metigy is changing the way your marketing works

There is a lot of exciting change coming to the Metigy product. Mainly because our team has been working really hard to realize our goal of changing the way marketing works. To do that we have had to continue to innovate and keep evolving the product. No where is this more evident than in one of the most significant changes we are making, which we call the “Command Centre”. It is aptly named the Command Centre as it a big step towards our promise of delivering Decision Support to every element of your social marketing program.

The Command Centre will become the always-on information hub that helps you achieve your marketing objectives, and then stretches your thinking to do more.

We know most marketers, and particularly SMB marketers, struggle with the complexity of Social Marketing. Even experienced marketers, find the challenges of contemporary social marketing time-consuming and resource heavy. So we are very excited about changing that paradigm as we deploy some of our most sophisticated AI applications to date, with an always-on centralized Decision Support solution designed to meet the key requirements of successful Social Marketing.

Get an early insight

This is a sneak peek of how that looks…

What you will immediately realize is that Metigy has made a complete transition from being a process management product, like the Social Media Management platforms users are familiar with, to become a complete Insights and Actions based Decision Support platform that guides marketers at all levels of experience, to make better, high impact decisions.

Metigy delivers Decision Support for your Social Marketing

Metigy proactively delivers insights and actions, that help you optimize decisions. These range from simple alerts like best times to post to reach your audience but range up to far more insightful opportunities around trending content and topics that you can align content with to benefit from natural conversation trends.

Analysing content for organic peak performance so you can target your social spend, is another really practical example of how Metigy will maximize your impact and ROI. Targeting your investment on content that is already working organically, over content that is not, is an obvious opportunity. So why don’t most marketers do it. Time!

You can stop looking at data because Metigy is always on analyzing your performance and telling you when you are under or over performing. We are not just analyzing against your brand performance trend, but against your competitors, your industry and a broader performance metric. Matching this against your kpi’s and telling you if you are on track to hit your kpi’s (or not) is just another really practical way to help you stay focused.

The Metigy Command Centre puts our AI into action

There are too many great ways Metigy now adds more value, to list here. So you will just have to check out all the new features and benefits, when it hits very soon. It will change the way you work as a marketer.

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