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Stephen Robinson joins the Metigy Board of Advisors

26th August 2019

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The Metigy team are really excited to announce the appointment of Stephen Robinson to our Board of Advisors.

A very important step in continuing to grow Metigy is the very practical need to further develop our Corporate function. Adding Stephen’s additional capability and experience to our Advisory Board and our Leadership Team will assist with our ability to scale and grow faster. Aside from being incredibly passionate about our plans and progress at Metigy, Stephen has significant experience in the areas of capital raising, corporate governance and the development of the corporate finance function. His years of experience in the VC environment, is also a pretty handy resource to have involved, for any fast-growing tech startup.

A Growing Board of Advisors

As our VP Corporate Development, Stephen is taking on the challenge of helping the Metigy Team look for efficiencies and opportunities to grow our capital base, enhance our finance function and evolve our corporate governance. All important functions and we really look forward to benefiting from his experience and insights.

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