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Small Business Diaries: Growing Guitar Street. Episode 1

21st March 2021

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Welcome to the first episode of Small Business Diaries: Growing Guitar Street. Small business digital marketing, made easy with Metigy.

I’m Andrew and I help run the content here at Metigy. I’m also a small business owner and the team at Metigy has asked me to use the platform to grown my small business… it’s a bit of a no-brainer, really.

In this episode, you’ll get to learn a bit about Guitar Street, what I am hoping to achieve with Metigy and take a tour through the platform. It’s my first time into the platform so it should be interesting to see what kinds of insights the Metigy AI can offer.

If you’ve read about, or use Metigy you’ll know that our platform is the only one to combine the power of AI decision support and digital marketing tools, like content planning, reporting and advertising management. Small business digital marketing has never been harder, so tools like Metigy AI decision support can give you the upper. hand.

Like many of you, I am time poor and have let my digital marketing slip. Metigy can help by streamlining content creation and scheduling, but can also help grow your business through AI decision support that directs you on things like what time to post, where and which creative to use for your ads campaign.

Stay tuned for the next episode where I build out a month’s worth of content into the Metigy planner.

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