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Small Business Diaries Episode 2: Building a Social Media Content Calendar

15th April 2021

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We made it! Welcome Episode 2 of Small Business Diaries: Building a Social Media Calendar
In this episode, I build a two-week social media content calendar (Facebook and Instagram) using the Metigy Instagram Content Publishing tool.
If you saw the first episode, you’ll know that Metigy’s AI decision support pointed out some glaring issues with my social media posting times. The Metigy AI showed me I was missing out on posting to my audience on the most engaged days.
So I am going to fix it. Posting times can have a huge impact on your reach and engagement. In fact, the time that you post is up there as one of the top factors in whether the algorithm delivers your content into people’s feeds. I am loading in two weeks of content, with space for my first Instagram Reel. That’s right, I’ve never made one so you’ll see how I achieve it in this episode too.
Stay tuned for the next episode where I analyse the results of this two-week content calendar and start to adjust my content strategy.

Building a social media calendar with Metigy


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