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Metigy admitted to the IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program

9th May 2017

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The Metigy team were very excited to get the news that we had been admitted to the IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program, which includes their access to their BlueMix platform.

Aside from some very helpful funding and services benefits, including access to IBM mentors, the real benefit is access to the IBM Watson product to help fuel our Machine Learning system. This will help us fast track and scale some of the Deep Learning objectives much sooner.


Our CEO, David Fairfull, snapped this on a recent visit to the IBM Watson office in New York


The program has given us access to world-class cognitive services, Watson APIs. This is great news for customers, it’s a kickstart into cognitive marketing and tailored content.

It also provides some great opportunities for our team to play with some really interesting technology, which they certainly seem excited about. Providing access to best of breed technology, new frameworks and world class third party solutions to help with our engineering roadmap, it is something that all startups need to overcome in striving to deliver an amazing product.

For any startup, that is great news!

This announcement came shortly after the Metigy team being selected for the #elevate61 program. A big thanks and congratulations to our Director of Partnerships, Johnson Lin, for making this happen.