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Product Update: A new command centre with new AI recommendations

8th September 2020

2 mins.

Thousands of modern marketers and SMEs already look to Metigy for insights and recommendations on how they can improve their multi-channel digital marketing. However, with all the challenges that modern marketers face, there is now an even greater need for us to deliver deeper and more insightful recommendations and decision support technology.

This is why we have released an all-new Command Centre to give you, the user, a better way to prioritise your actions and take full advantage of a marketing opportunity wherever it may present. On any channel, at any time.

How this update will help you

Firstly, we’d like to thank our users who have provided feedback over the past few months about which insights they would like to receive through Metigy. This feedback is what has enabled us to build the next iteration of our platform with the needs and wants of our users in mind.

Metigy is built on a simple concept, the utilisation of technology delivered in an intuitive way to help you achieve the best marketing results possible.

This new framework is only one of many upcoming updates that will enable us to dive deeper into your brand to really make sure that all our recommendations are relevant to your brand.

For our existing users, this means that you will now start to receive recommendations that you have never seen before, helping you improve your marketing performance and drive results for your specific business.

Our world-leading technology means that these insights are exclusive to Metigy, something you can not get from anywhere else.

If you have any requests you can submit them via the links below and we’ll do our best to include them in upcoming releases!

AI recommendation requests

Feature requests

An all-new layout

The new layout has simplified the overall user experience and made it easier to prioritise which marketing actions need to be done first based on the impact of your campaigns.

There are three key panels for you to take advantage of. The one on the left holds your key updates whilst the middle column shows your personalised insights and the right-hand column displays Metigy’s recommendations.

The Metigy Command Centre

Click here to take a look for yourself today.

What is coming next

As part of an ongoing process to deliver world-class artificial intelligence support, we’ll be delivering you an even larger and more extensive range of insights personalised to your needs and brand. So keep an eye out for these.

We’ll also be incorporating new content creation capabilities, giving you access to graphic design solutions for when you really need your content to shine!

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