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One of Metigy's new initiatives - The Inspiration Palette

One of Metigy's new initiatives - The Inspiration Palette
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The Metigy team have been really busy conceiving the next generation of our product and how we can deliver on the great ideas that come from our customers. One of the most regular requests is to provide a stream of the most inspiring work and best practice marketing examples we see.

This fits perfectly with our aim of providing strategy and decision support recommendations using AI, powered by the education support to creatively execute on those opportunities. So we could not wait to get to this great objective.

We are tackling this head on with a tech solution and we are working on training our AI to deliver on this opportunity. But great work with the complexity of something like evaluating "creativity", takes time. So in the interim, we are going to fulfill this in two great ways across the Metigy ecosystem.

Lets get inspired and create

Firstly, on our soon to release upgrade, we are introducing a completely new approach to our Recommendation solution. We see it as the future of our commitment to provide "Decision Support" for all your marketing objectives. As a key part of our next generation product, we are introducing a Command Center to the platform. In that new environment, we are introducing a new feature that we think creative's and content marketers alike will love - our Inspiration Palette.

This panel will feature a constantly rolling selection of the most inspiring campaigns and content that our team can find from across the web. Importantly, our criteria is the creativity ranked against the budget. We all know that big brands can put loads of effort into big campaigns, and with the right help and budget, these are often amazing. We love those inspiring ideas and will share them. But we also want to profile great ideas that are done on a budget, that just work for obvious reasons. We want to be sure we are curating ideas our SMB customers can aspire to achieve. Clever does not have to mean a big budget.

More on MetigyIQ

As a second initiative, the MetigyIQ team are going to feature the best creative ideas we find, in regular posts on MetigyIQ. So be sure to subscribe now so you can get a constant stream of creativity and #hottips. We can't wait to share all the amazing ideas we find.

At Metigy, we love the creative spirit and we want to celebrate it. So curating in some cool ideas to inspire our customers will be one of the most enjoyable tasks in our busy weeks.

If you have a campaign you would like us to share, or you have seen something that you were just blown away by, then please share it with us via our customer support panel, or the Contact Us form.

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