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The occasional accolade is exciting

30th August 2019

2 mins.

While we are more focused on the passion and motivation behind why we are building our product, and the impact it can have on our customers business and goals, it is exciting to get the occasional award recognising all the hard work.

So on that note, we are very excited to announce our inclusion in the APAC CIOOutlook 25 most promising CRM solutions for 2016.

We have been very focused on the potential to connect social profile and engagement tracking data, with CRM data, since we started. The power this provides in customer and prospect categorisation, and the potential to model and measure conversion and ROI from digital, mobile and social engagement, right through to the point of purchase, is incredible.

Now we have been able to develop that logic further, and use that customer driven data as part of our data layers, to drive our machine learning based Marketing Recommendation Technology solution, which will release beyond Beta in Q4 2016. It is this evolution, and the impact it will have on the marketing function, that is behind this recognition, from APAC CIOOutlook. It makes our approach to the Single Customer View, and use of CRM data, very unique. Our expectation, is that our technology will go on to become the core of the Marketing Stack and put the union of social and CRM data, at the core of all execution.

Our adoption of open source solutions, and the construction of our entire platform around API’s, means we can integrate with recognised CRM solutions like SalesForce, and add a completely new way to leverage your CRM investment.

If your Marketing Technology stack is not as integrated or flexible as you would like it to be, including the connection between your social marketing program and your customer data, then it is probably time to re-think the core of your model. If you thought that the concept of a marketing technology solution monitoring your entire digital ecosystem, and also looking beyond that into relevant trending content, to look for opportunities, and recommending actions to you, is still futuristic, then it is definitely time to think again!

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