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Metigy wins a Gold Award

30th August 2019

2 mins.

It has been a really exciting week at Metigy with the news that we have won our first major award – A Gold in the Sydney Design Awards 2017.

When you are building a product like Metigy, it takes a lot of work and dedication to get to the point that you are happy with it, especially when you have high standards, like our team does. Given we have big goals in terms of the problem we are solving, and a very lofty aim of not only making it incredibly effective, but also fun to use, the standard is high. So there is no point saying we are finished or happy, as yet. However, we did reach the point where it made sense to see if others thought we had made great progress.

As a startup taking on a global market, PR is also incredibly important. So entering awards is a great way to get noticed and acknowledged for our progress to date. So we decided to take a risk and start entering awards, which takes time and has a cost, and may not yield a result.

To date, I am pleased to say, of the two awards program we have entered, that have been announced, we have been a finalist for the AIMIA AMY Awards (which was exciting), but a Gold Award in our second awards entry, is a great outcome.

As you can see from the list of winners, we are in some great company, the International Convention Centre Sydney, Virgin Money and Atlassian.

We are very committed to delivering an ever improving design standard in our Branding, Communications, UX and UI. Our recent re-branding is great evidence of that, and some of the changes coming through our product platform, we know our customers are going to love. You can not underestimate the power of great design to make communication more effective, and the every day use of technology, more fun. The Metigy team are passionate about both of these principles.

So a simple acknowledgement of this, gave us a real buzz this week.