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Metigy shortlisted as a finalist in the 2017 AMY digital awards

30th August 2019

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The Metigy team have been working hard for quite a while with the goal of developing an amazing product that changes the way marketers work, so we were very excited to learn that we had been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2017 AIMIA AMY Digital Awards.

This is the first awards we have entered, so being a finalist in these prestigious AIMIA run awards, is a fantastic outcome. We have been committed to the ideal of creating a well designed interface and a really enjoyable user experience for our customers. We believe that if you are going to use a software product every day, then it should be easy and fun to use.

If we can deliver a complex product that provides capability beyond what our customers would expect, and do it in an interface that inspires engagement, then we will have done a lot to move the whole category of Martech, in line with contemporary interface design best practice.

We are not done yet though, so stay tuned for more ground breaking features and design application.

On a personal note – thanks to all of our wonderful customers for their great feedback along the way, which has truly helped shape the evolution of Metigy.