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Metigy shortlisted as a Finalist in the 2017 B&T Awards

26th August 2019

2 mins.

Metigy continues to extend it’s awards success in 2017!

Following on from the excitement of our recent Gold Award win in the 2017 Sydney Design Awards, being named as a Finalist in the 2017 AC&E Awards, and being named as a Finalist in the 2017 AMY Awards, Metigy has been named as a Finalist in the 2017 B&T Awards – Technology Company of the Year. The B&T Awards are regarded as a premier awards program for the Australian Marketing Industry, and we are very honoured to have been selected as a finalist.

Given our relatively short timeframe since launching the product and the challenge we have taken on, it is very exciting to be at the stage where our technology, team and product are being recognised as a leader in the provision of innovative technology. It is a passion of ours to continue to change the way technology supports the marketing industry, so we are very excited about being at the stage where we are regarded as having a positive impact.

Technology Company of the Year

As most of our customers know, Metigy is focused on changing the marketing skills paradigm and empowering small to medium enterprises, even content creators, to plan and execute with the power of data-driven insights. For larger teams and experienced marketers, working in real-time is a real challenge, without the right technology.

Using AI to reduce the reliance on both capacity and capability, while radically reducing cost, Metigy is reshaping marketing strategy and creativity for creators and enterprises of all sizes. We are focused on addressing that challenge at scale.

It is exciting to be recognised for our application of a cutting-edge AI and Deep Learning solution, to the challenge of analyzing, interpreting and actioning marketing in real-time. We are already shifting the expectations of marketing tech and new hires to our team, and recent appointments to our Board of Advisers, are extending our vision, capability and capacity to do even more.

The awards night is coming soon, so we have our fingers crossed for a great outcome, as we would love to have another great result to close out 2017.