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Metigy selected as leading AI startup

15th July 2019

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We are proud to say that Metigy was recently selected, as a leading Australian Ai technology, to be part of the NSW Department of Industry/Austrade Ai Trade Mission to Israel

It is fair to say that Israel is one of the hottest tech centres globally, and it was a great learning opportunity for our CEO, David Fairfull, to be part of the 2018 NSW Innovation/Austrade mission to Israel. Based in Tel Aviv, the most modern of cities in Israel, it was an immersive two weeks in the market meeting some of the most inspiring Israeli Entrepreneurs and Ai teams.

Tel Aviv itself, is not what you expect when you think of a city in the Middle East. It is a very modern city with that Middle Eastern twist that makes it rustic but provides for a fantastic cosmopolitan lifestyle. The food and streetscapes with all the modern facilities, make it a great place to live and work, and the locals embrace it with enthusiasm.

From a professional perspective, learning what drives “The Startup Nation” and hearing first-hand from some of the best Ai technology leaders in the market, provided some wonderful insights into how we can achieve faster progress at Metigy. We are busy working to apply those insights now.

The Israeli’s are masters of being direct, working well as a team under pressure and effecting real change efficiently. Some of this is born from their culture, some from necessity and some from sheer enthusiasm. But there are lessons for every business.

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