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Metigy Product Updates September 2019: A simply powerful improvement to reports

10th September 2019

2 mins.

Working closely with our partners and customers, we’ve been improving how we report your data. As part of this, we have updated our rich summary reports with a revised format and some new data.

For those not familiar with our reporting tools, we have a number of templates for you that give you key data on how your channels are performing. You can find out more about them in our report support articles.

In the below image, you are seeing what we call the “Graph Overview Page” report which is designed to give you a quick summary of each channel you select. That includes the best performing post in that period, page performance and content performance.

A key update to this report was to focus on delivering you more useful metrics that help you focus on performance rather than vanity statistics. You will notice the addition of the engagement rate for the best performing content and, the page and all content  – yes, they are different, but we’ll discuss that in a Metigy IQ article.

We’ve also redesigned it to make the page metrics much clearer and easy to read. It’s also starting to align with our new design language which we’ll be sharing more about soon.

As always, we’ll be continually improving our reports and we’ll be adding more metrics and information to them. There are some really exciting updates in the pipeline!

We hope you enjoy these updates! And if you have any feedback or feature request, let us know in the comments below!

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