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Metigy Product Updates December 2019: Something big is coming!

30th November 2019

2 mins.

The team have been hard at work finishing our biggest ever product release – our user-friendly version of Google Search and Display ad solutions

For those that don’t follow our Social Media channels, we are getting ready to roll out Google Ads to the platform. We are taking the complexity out of creating Google Search (formerly AdWords) and Display Ads by adding in our decision intelligence technology. That means we’ll suggest content, pricing, bidding, keywords and then help you optimise running ads.

Here’s a sneak peek we shared this week:

​ ​
And there are more exciting updates coming to the platform as part of our mission to make ads across social and digital channels effective and easy!

Social Media News

After a successful trial in select countries, Instagram is removing like counts globally.

Twitter is rolling out a controversial feature that lets you ‘Hide Replies’ if you deem a comment inappropriate.

Facebook is giving Brands more control over where their Ads are shown.

In case you missed it

Our CEO, David Fairfull, has written a great article on why Metigy is so interested in the Asian SMB market. He recently attended the Google Growth Summit in Tokyo, which gave us an excellent insight into how Google sees the future of ad technology, which also confirmed our own extensive research. Read the full story here.

A New Partnership

As I mentioned, we’ve lots going on to support your creative process whilst using Metigy, and one of the things we’re doing is adding great new technology via partnerships. We recently announced our latest partner, Binumi, the world’s leading easy-to-use video creation solution. Built for enterprise customers, the partnership is making this fantastic story-based editing technology available to the Metigy community. Read the full story.

​ ​
There’s a lot going on here at Metigy and we’ll be sharing more big, exciting changes soon!

We hope you enjoy these updates! And if you have any feedback or feature request, let us know in the comments below!

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