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Metigy partners with Intuit

13th July 2020

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Metigy has partnered with Intuit Quickbooks to bring our unique SME digital marketing solution to their 250,000 SME’s across Australia.

Much like our partnership with Optus in Australia, this co-selling partnership is an exciting opportunity for Metigy as it delivers the potential to extend our customer community and offer our unique technology to another 250,000 potential customers. Given half of all small businesses fail in their first two years, and the top two reasons relate to marketing capability and cashflow & financial management, the combination of great financial management software with new generation results-oriented marketing technology, is a compelling combination for SME’s.

This partnership is a first for Intuit outside their core accounting offer and it represents an opportunity to add value to the relationship with their customer, while delivering additional revenue from the co-sell arrangement, from an already established and substantial customer base. It is also a first for Metigy working with a financial management software provider and the scale of Intuit in global markets including the US and the UK, is very exciting.

Metigy’s unique predictive recommendation technology is highly focused on estimating Return on Investment on every part of the SME’s marketing program. Being able to make a clear investment decision on where to focus marketing activity and investment, fits very neatly with Intuit’s customer value proposition. With medium-term plans to integrate at a product level and deliver detailed marketing spend information into the financial reporting function, the combination of the two products promises to provide SME decision-makers with significantly increased visibility of their marketing ROI and impact on business growth.

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