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Metigy partners with Fiverr

27th May 2021

2 mins.

I am very excited to announce the launch of our partnership with Fiverr, one of the leading global creative marketplaces.

Aside from being innovative and a global leader in using technology to foster creativity, Fiverr’s ambition to democratize the creative process and make it accessible and affordable to all, is very closely aligned with Metigy’s vision of democratizing access to real-time personalized brand-specific marketing strategies using contemporary technology. Metigy empowers the purpose for great creative, and Fiverr delivers it at scale, so it is a great combination.

We already have a wonderful range of partners we are already working with to co-sell Metigy and reach more SMEs across the globe. And a great range of innovative technology partners helping us share their technology or services with our growing global community of SME marketers.

However, our new partnership with Fiverr is unique for us in that it includes both of these with a co-selling partnership to support Fiverr’s millions of SME marketers, and a double-sided marketplace bringing a wide variety of creative services including 850,000 creative freelancers to support the Metigy marketing community to be more creative every day. And we can’t wait to realize the potential of both.

As many in our community know, we are already committed to bringing world-class creative services to our platform and community to support your aspirations of being successful marketers and content creators. Our graphic design service, copywriting service and video creative service are all set to roll out following successful beta programs, starting with the full release of our graphic design solution to the whole community in June, with the others to follow soon after. But as most marketers will appreciate, there is a diverse range of creative requirements necessary to deliver a contemporary multi-channel marketing program.

The Fiverr marketplace integration will help us to support you with more of these day-to-day requirements. Access to branding creative, website development teams, product photography and voice-over talent are just a few of the examples of the types of creative we know our community need.

Keep a lookout for more news and updates as we roll out this partnership and you can expect to see great real-time decision support on the Metigy platform connecting our community with the Fiverr creative community – to help you be more effective.



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