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Metigy is developing a global reseller partnership network

23rd July 2019

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The Metigy team has some lofty goals!

One of them is to totally change the way SMB’s run their marketing and radically improve their ROI and business growth rates. For us, that is all about applying Deep Tech to the critical issue of strategy, which is a function most SMB’s really struggle with.

Another is to totally dominate the marketing technology category for SMB marketers looking for better strategy and obviously, better performance quarter on quarter. To achieve this, we are building the world’s largest community of early adopter marketers who are forward-thinking enough to grasp the power of AI.

To fast track these ambitions, we need to think laterally and innovate. And we need to work with other like-minded organizations that already work with our future customers.

On the strength of our recently announced Reseller Partnership with Optus in Australia, Metigy is actively focused on developing a global network of partners to co-sell our wonderfully innovative technology.

If that sounds interesting, then you will ideally tick a few boxes:

  • Your organization will have a significant SMB customer base who would benefit from utilizing our SMB marketing focused technology
  • You may have complementary technology or products that your customers are already using and therefore a trusted adviser relationship with those customers
  • Your brand would benefit from adding more value to your customer relationships
  • You are looking for solutions that build retention into your customer value proposition
  • You have established communication channels with your customers and could deliver our turn-key communications program to build comprehension, conversion and retention
  • You are looking for additional revenue streams and additional product offers that build customer retention

We have a turnkey solution for co-selling, and we are also very open to product integrations as our product is built with an open API infrastructure.

We are already well advanced with discussions with potential new partners in various markets, but we would be really like to hear from you if you think your organization would benefit from partnering with Metigy. You can reach us via


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