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Metigy integrates Grammarly

30th August 2019

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Metigy adds Grammarly Support with an integration in our Content Curation module

We have just released a lot of new features to our Command Centre module including a range of really interesting new real-time insights to help you focus on executing the marketing actions that count.

And one of our really practical feature updates includes an integration and full support for grammar and spell checker

When you are working in our Content Planning module or even writing copy in the Content Curation module, Metigy fully supports real-time checking with Grammarly.

Metigy now support Grammarly to improve the quality control in content creation

All you need to do is to sign up to Grammarly, and they have free plans or more advanced team plans with enhanced features, install it in your browser and we recommend Chrome, and then Grammarly will check and validate all your copy live on Metigy during planning and content creation activities.

Our content team reviewed a range of options similar to Grammarly, and Grammarly came out on top in terms of both accuracy and performance. based on the review fundings, it seemed like an obvious choice no not only adopt it for our own use, but to support it in Metigy, and recommend it to our customers. In the interests of producing great content, get it set up right now. You will even find it works across all your other content creation environments like wordpress and others.

Click here to set it up now.

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