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Metigy announces a Product Partnership with Swave

15th July 2019

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Metigy is very excited to announce that we have created a product partnership with Swave, a hot up-and-coming Startup from Israel, to help our e-commerce customers fire up their customer generated content stream.

The partnership was borne from an ambition of Metigy’s to help SMB marketers effectively market across the digital ecosystem more efficiently, and a fantastic chance meeting at a roundtable discussion for Startup’s in Tel Aviv, Israel. You can read about our Israel adventure and the NSW Government AI trade mission we were selected for.

Getting customers to create content that talks about your brand and product or service, in a really positive way, is one of the most valuable outcomes you will get from being Social. If you have everything right in terms of customer service and product market fit, then hopefully this starts to happen naturally. However, frustratingly, not always and sometimes it takes some key actions to get you past the inertia point where customers really get excited about doing the thing you want most, other than buying from you of course. Sometimes, you just need to use other means to get the momentum going, and when you get that momentum, it can be a wave of really constructive endorsement that will change your public profile as a brand.

We are assuming you understand the importance of customer-generated content, but if not, check out our recent article on how to appreciate and monitor this valuable stream.

The Swave solution is quite simple and powerful. And it takes an approach, that in our opinion, is very natural. Real customers come to your Shopify Store. They see you have a Swave incentivized rewards program running that they can benefit from when they buy your product. They buy your product and then tell their network why they love it, via Instagram. Swave then tracks that and refunds them an agreed rebate off the cost of their product purchase from you. You then pay Swave for the amount of content that is generated. You have a whole range of great customer content created by real customers who wanted to buy your product anyway.

This is an important step for Metigy as we start to link the full ecosystem and create more connections between your social marketing and your transactional website to enhance and improve conversion. It is our long-term aim to empower marketers to drive the entire digital ecosystem efficiently and maximize conversion and the long-term value of their customers, while minimizing the cost of acquisition.

You can expect to see more Product Partnerships from Metigy, but for now we are very excited about working with Swave and releasing our first partnership outside of “social”.

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