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Introducing our AI based Insights & Actions product

26th August 2019

2 mins.

I am excited to share with all our fantastic customers the first step of our new AI Tailored Marketing suite. We have released an important step in our vision of changing the way marketing technology supports marketers. Be they the experienced veteran marketer or newbie looking to grow their SMB or Personal profile!

Through our own experience as social marketers, we realised that marketing technology was delivering lots of data, and some great tools to help you execute. But where we see the real opportunity to make a massive difference is in delivering insights and actionable recommendations. We are aiming to use AI Marketing to identify the how, when, what and why to execute. All of which will help you deliver more effective marketing outcomes.

There is always more opportunity than you have time to monitor or capitalize on!

What is AI and how are we applying it to marketing?

Regular users will have noticed a range of new features on our platform, all of which are part of what we refer to as “Metigy AI for marketing”. The geeky version of what this means is about using patterns in data from multiple sources, and applying AI or machine learning to identify opportunities to replicate and improve your marketing outcomes. The simple goal is to use technology to provide tailored marketing to you. And also ensure you never let another great marketing opportunity pass you by!

Our recent release and some upcoming releases are just the first phase in realising this lofty goal of helping every brand marketer be more effective and ensuring we provide technology that is always on and alerting you to opportunities, so you don’t have to be.

Machine learning finally comes to marketing

Stay tuned for the next series of updates, as we explain this exciting transition in our technology. We’ll be covering new features and how you can make best use of them.