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Case Study: How Share with Oscar used Metigy to add 12,856 new users in less than 12 months

14th January 2021

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Share with Oscar is a Sydney-based sharing platform that connects drivers looking for parking with property owners who have car spaces and driveways available to rent.

Co-founders, Lisa and Louise, developed the platform after feeling the frustration of trying to find parking at Bondi beach, while so many driveways in the area sat empty. 

Share with Oscar differs from other sharing platforms, like Airbnb and Uber, because it requires next to no effort or investment; Airbnb requires outlays for cleaning after each customer and Uber requires both time to drive and running costs of a vehicle. With just two clicks, Oscar members are able to share and earn from their driveway, with no further investment required.

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How Share with Oscar used Metigy to accelerate its growth

Share with Oscar had limited resources to focus on marketing during its first year. Compounding this pressure was the question of how to balance marketing in a two-sided marketplace, which consists of property owners with available parking spots and drivers who need parking.

The company’s growth was reliant on targeting expansion opportunities around Australia, but was problematic for a new company with only two employees (its co-founders). 

The solution was found in Metigy’s AI tools, which allows them to tailor specific messages to each identified audience, at the most opportune times. 

Lisa and Louise use Metigy’s AI to research messaging for both property owners and drivers. The calendar and planning tool to make sure they are optimizing their reach. 

“Metigy helps us hone our marketing messages to different niche segments. The AI tools are really effective in terms of the message and the calendar planning tool helps identify when to actually post something, to deliver impact. It’s all about relevance and delivering really relevant content at the right time.”

Lisa Qi – Share with Oscar Co-Founder.

The results have been outstanding:  

  • Share with Oscar’s Facebook engagement grew from 2.15% to 39% in the first three months using Metigy
  • Average reach per post grew from 43 to over 3,717 in six months.

Metigy in action

An example of how Share with Oscar has used Metigy to supercharge its growth, without marketing spend is the campaign that seized on an opportunity of reports that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were unable to find a parking spot at Bondi Beach. The post reached over 13,000 people with more than 2,700 post engagements. That’s a staggering 20 times the level of engagement of previous campaigns. As a result, Share with Oscar’s Bondi Beach parking spots were booked out for three weeks. 


Metigy’s AI has helped Share with Oscar to understand co-founders to understand their audiences better; when they are active and what messaging is most effective for different niches. Planning marketing objectives inside of Metigy has freed up valuable time, which is allowing Lisa and Louise to plan international expansion.

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