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Brand Identity: Part 2 of our becoming Metigy series

26th August 2019

4 mins.

This is the second post in our becoming Metigy series discussing creating our Brand Identity. Make sure you read the first post Rebranding and Finding a Name, where we came up with Metigy name.

We were lucky to be working with Glen Barry again, who’s previously done brand identity work for the Sydney Olympics, Capital Pitch, Telstra’s Belong and ANZ.

Brand Messaging

The first challenge was to come up with a simple message that communicates what we are and our business objectives. This part is critical as it will help define the look and tone of the brand later.

Our original tag line was “Never let another great marketing opportunity pass you by”. Whilst it was appropriate, it was really hard to understand what it actually meant clearly.

Ultimately we identified that the goals of our brand were:

  • Give smaller businesses access to marketing strategy through AI
  • Help marketers identify potential opportunities in real-time that they might otherwise miss
  • Support marketers of all levels with machine driven insights and recommendations to make their life easier and their marketing more effective
  • Educate all levels of user on how to market better and provide access to expert content and tutorials
  • Keep evolving our technology and ideas with industry trends and provide the solutions to our customers so they stay ahead of the curve
  • Work with great partners and experts in the field to define our system
  • Make marketing a fun experience for customers of all skill levels

If you read our website, you will find we tick all of those boxes and a lot more. And part of that is our Metigy IQ Learning Resources, our centerpiece to support our customers in becoming marketers.

It was also clear from that list that one size does not fit all, and we wanted to be sensitive to that. And that’s where we hit upon:

The Future is AI Tailored Marketing

That line captures all of the our goals, being progressive, customised and AI driven. We want to create a customised, unique experience for all users, much like the new personal assistants from Apple, Amazon and Google.

Defining Our Brand Values

These are something that should not be rushed. They define the business and the way the people in the business think and work together.

In this article, I won’t go into depth on the steps we went through as there is too much to cover here, I’ll save that for my book. But I will highlight the values and what they mean to us.

  1. Innovation is never complete : When you are working with AI and trying to change the way a whole industry works, innovation has to be core and ever changing. If you don’t change others will do it before you.
  2. Learn as a collective : We believe the best way to learn is as a team.
    Learning and delivering great technology, is about the whole team working together. This includes our staff, our advisers, our partners and our customers.
  3. Be inclusive and Transparent : We want all decisions, discussions and development to be driven by transparency. This, we believe, gives more meaning and understanding to why things are done. And this goes right up to business decisions that everyone knows. Much like the early days of Google and highlighted in the great book, How Google Works (something that inspired us).
  4. Create inspired products : We always aimed to build a product that exceeds expectations and delights users. Everyone pays this idea lip service, but they never put it front and center as a value of their brand. This is us. We are different.

Brand Identity and Logo Design

Having decided on the name, the messaging and values of our rebrand, the next challenge was how to make it come to life visually.

What struck us that was key to focus on was the continuous loop of Collect, Measure, Analyse and Action, feedback, improve and learn. That is a core to how Metigy works and how we are different. And how could we show that better than with a modern take on modulus loop. It beautifully shows the continuous process of learning and improving.

Obviously the typography needs to be spot on to complete the modern, clean logo. The font we chose, Variable, is clean, modern and scales well both up and down. Side note: we have print backgrounds so remember the golden age of Quark Xpress.

The final twist was including AI in the logo text. Traditionally this is just stuck on the end. But we wanted to do something different that would emphasize it, but not make it the focus. And that’s where the superscript idea came in. It is both unique and draws your eye to it. It is there but not the main thing. Metigy is the name and we are in AI.

We hope you love our new brand logo and identity design as much as we do! The team is so proud of where we are going.

In the next piece, we’ll cover the steps we went through to implement the new branding and some of the challenges we faced.