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2019 is all about adding more to Metigy

6th June 2019

3 mins.

I am imagining the first thing that springs to the mind of an existing Metigy customer when they read the headline, is that we will be adding more functionality to Metigy in 2019. Quite a reasonable deduction given the pace at which we add new features and complete new modules, as we drive forward with our ambition to revolutionize the way SMB marketers work. Of course we will! In fact, we have amazing new experiences coming this year.

However, I am referring to a whole new “More” as we start to add in-app purchase opportunities that really extend the way Metigy helps you run your marketing function. Our aim is to fully integrate as many of the functions or tasks you have to perform in running a successful digital marketing program, inside the Metigy environment. We plan to do this by applying a few overarching principles:

  • If you already need perform a task, how can we make it easier and more effective
  • Can we harness the unrealized value of what is fast becoming the world’s largest community of innovative forward thinking SMB marketers and unlock some buying power or give you access to solutions only available to Enterprise size businesses
  • Can Metigy make your engagement with these services and solutions even more effective by using our AI to help you make better decisions or find better options and faster

We know by applying these principles, we are going to add even more value to your involvement in the Metigy community.

We have had ambitions to address some of these ideas since we started, and they have been reinforced by countless customer requests, but it, unfortunately, takes time to mature a sophisticated product like Metigy to the point where you can realize all the ideas. It is very exciting for us in planning and building these new experiences into the product and realizing 2019 will mark the start of this phase.

So in no particular order, here are some of the new solutions we have coming:

  • A virtual design service that can help with social content, ad creative, profile headers and other obvious requirements so you can add a creative resource to your team and call on them when you need to
  • A very similar solution for copywriting that can even be extended to destination content like your blog. It is great to be able to tell your story, but sometimes we all need some help managing the demands of modern storytelling
  • We are expanding our stock library solutions so you find better images, video and audio assets and have them right there to use in the creative process. We can’t wait to show you how we are using AI to filter and highlight the best options to work with your objective
  • We are radically extending our advertising options including the really significant addition of Google so we can align and optimise your Social, Display and Search options. As SMB’s can’t directly access a lot of the Google network directly, this is an exciting value add and we can’t wait to have this live
  • We will be adding consulting services through trusted partners that can really add specialist capability in areas you may need help with to hit those bigger objectives or deliver a special project
  • And we will be integrating with a range of best in class 3rd party products to do lots of the tasks you already do or should be doing, but now in a fully integrated way with all the core activities you do in Metigy. A key part of the selection process, aside from the obvious performance, will be our ability to give you access to a collective discount. We think you will be impressed as these start to appear

If you have other suggestions, feel free to tell us. If you have priorities from our list, tell us. Otherwise, stay tuned for an exciting year!

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