Building a scalable B2B SME focused SAAS product has it’s challenges. The key to Metigy’s growth has been to solve a compelling problem and make the solution really effective, easy to use and value for money. With 50% of all SME’s failing in the first two years, and marketing always being one of the key reasons, developing a solution that makes digital marketing effective, even for non-marketers, has led to success and growth.

When founders David Fairfull and Johnson Lin were part of We Are Social, the largest global Social Agency, they realised the size and scale of the problem for SMEs and the opportunity to apply advances in technology in AI and ML to develop a deep tech solution that could deliver the same strategy capability being provided to enterprise clients. Yet personalised at a price point that would work for SMEs. Their deep domain expertise combined with access to a significant proprietary dataset, and with the advent of scalable ML and AI solutions, the Metigy team has developed a solution that effectively provides our SME customers with a digital marketing strategy solution that adapts to their brand. At the core is an expert system that delivers insights and actionable recommendations, to help make every marketing decision more effective. 

Founded on a philosophy of Product Led Growth, and a dedication to building a product that breaks the conventions of normal business and marketing software, our team has found a niche with customers who are early adopters of new technology eager to embrace the power of real-time analysis that AI applications can deliver. By removing the barrier between data and creativity, Metigy helps SMEs develop and maintain more effective marketing strategies.


The Metigy Command Centre


With a wonderful supporting team, we launched Metigy. Over four years we’ve delivered multiple iterations of the platform, and even though Metigy is the now world’s leading AI powered Digital Marketing Solution made for SMEs, we’re about 1% done with delivering on our objective. Our ultimate goal is to apply our AI-driven insights, actions, and solutions to all the channels in the marketing stack. 

We’re obsessed with making marketing easy and successful! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out. So come and join us and be part of the largest global community of forward-thinking marketers.

In 2019, Metigy partnered with Optus.

Awards and Recognition

metigy awards IBM, Optus, Australian Landing Pad, AMY Awards

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